What’s inside the Zwangerschapsbox of Ouders van Nu? Unboxing and review

One free box for pregnancy and baby is the one offered by Ouders van Nu in collaboration with other partners (e.g. Blokker in 2020, and AH in 2021). It is the first box I found, advertised in the obstetrician practice, and was a nice surprise.
Are you curious to know what does it contain*, what the (known) consequences of giving data were, and my honest opinion about it? Read this post further!
If you are planning to request your box and do not want to spoil the surprise, then do not scroll until the end of this post.

Free boxes pregnancy and baby
Zwangerschapsbox – Ouders van Nu

How to request the Zwangerschapsbox of Ouders van Nu?

I’ve written a post about free products where all boxes are presented together. There you will find all the links for requesting them. Enjoy!

What’s inside the Zwangerschapsbox of Ouders van Nu?

In the pictures below you can see the content of the Zwangerschapsbox of Ouders van Nu, and also a list of the items with corresponding brands. One of them are not in the picture because it was already in use. Be aware that the content of the boxes may change from time to time, and nowadays even more compared to back then (~September 2020), because the partnership changed!

  • small flacon of diaper rash cream (Sudocrem)
  • sample diaper size 1 (Pampers)
  • vitamin mix for pregnant women (Davitamon)
  • toothpaste for mum (GUM)
  • diaper rash cream (VSM kind)
  • wipes (Sence)
  • handwash (Blokker)
  • breast balm (Lanisoh)
  • small sample of bath oils (Inolie)
  • pacifier 0+ months (Difrax) [not in picture!]
  • an edition of Ouders van Nu magazine
  • Ouders van Nu Zwanger
  • Baby Paspoort (Intertoys)
  • Mama milestone cards ()
  • Hey baby Kraambezoekboek (Ouders van Nu)
  • Baby milestone cards (C&A)
  • Various discount vouchers (e.g. Gum, Difrax, Davitamon) [not in picture!]

What are the consequences of requesting the Ouders van Nu box?

Shortly after getting the Pregnancy box, I got contacted telephonically by the redaction of the magazine Ouders van Nu. They asked some questions about the box I had recently received, the pregnancy and the plans.
The intention was (naturally) to sell, and they proposed me an offer both for a temporary subscription to the magazine Ouders van Nu, and the Ouders van Nu voordeelpas at a discounted price.
Needless to say, I accepted the deal, and got both the subscription to four editions of the magazine and the voordeelpas (be sure to read later in this post what I think about this choice).
Also, I started receiving the newsletter from Ouders van Nu, sponsoring posts from the relative website and the online shop.

Later, after my due date, I got called again. This time it was expected, because that’s the procedure to get the Ouders van Nu Babybox. Again, I was asked some personal experience with the products and pregnancy/delivery, and I was again offered both the subscription to the magazine and the voordeelpas.
This time, I did not extend the subscription to the magazine (life got busier after the delivery), neither to the voordeelpas (because it lasts one year, and for now I am set).
In any case, I did get the voucher to pick up my Babybox at Blokker. You can see the box and the content below.

What’s inside the Babybox of Ouders van Nu?

As you can see, the box contained

  • small flacon of diaper cream (Sudocrem)
  • toothbrush and toothpaste (Elmex)
  • bite ringer (Blokker)
  • small sample of bath oils (Inolie)
  • sample diaper size 2 (Pampers)
  • pot of apple puree (Bon Bebe)
  • man razor (Gillette)
  • an edition of Ouders van Nu magazine
  • Various discount vouchers [not in picture!]

What is my opinion about this?

Now, 6 months later, I feel comfortable about giving my opinion about these boxes, and the consequent purchases.
Overall I am really satisfied with everything. I did spend some money as a consequence of subscribing (to obtain the box), but I did like the content of the box, the voordeelpas, and the newsletter subscription.

With the time passing by, we are using all the offered products, appreciating the quality, and building up our own opinion and preferences about brands. Most of the choices we have made are based on our experience with the samples, or the products got with the discounts.
With the voordeelpas (paid in the end 7,50 euro), we did get discounts while shopping in well known Dutch shops (like C&A and Hema) as well as in the Ouders van Nu shop, that did amount to more than the price of the pass itself. It is a bit of ‘work’ to remember (having it), log in and fill in the codes for the discounts, but it is definitely worth the price. To make sure to not forget the voordeelpas, I suggest you to keep the subscription to the relevant newsletter, it is a good reminder for me.
The newsletter comes always with interesting and curious posts, that I often read with pleasure. Topics span really broadly, from safety to education, from babynames to trends, from formal matters (e.g. financial help, tax declaration when having kids) to things you should not forget.
Among everything, the thing I did enjoy the least was the subscription to the magazine. Strange thing, because the content is similar to the one I am regularly reading on the website, and I like reading on paper more than on the screens. I believe the main reason for this is the selectivity I have in choosing what I read online: I spend most of the time on what is relevant at this time, when my baby is 6 months old. While reading a magazine on the other hand, I tend to proceed sequentially – and I thus read posts about all developmental phases. They are sometimes very interesting despite all, but they are not of direct application for me and I believe I won’t get back to these reads to know something about infants when it will be time.

Closing it up, the Ouders van Nu Zwangerschapsbox and Babybox are a big yes for me. Therefore, if I were you, I’d head to the website and directly claim the free box(es). You can find the link here.

Did you consider asking the box? And if you did get it, what is your opinion about it? Let me know in the comments! Also, if you like this post, consider sharing it with other mama’s (to be).
And finally, to find out about other boxes of free products, be sure to check my other post


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