Marta in 29 points

  1. 1. I was born in Mondovi, a beautiful town in the North-West of Italy. Should you ever go travel around that area, then I suggest you have a look there
  2. 2. I have always wanted to do Maths
  3. 3. As a child, I wanted to become cashier
  4. 4. Somewhat later, an accountant.
  5. 5. Finally I found many cool application of Maths and I ended up pursuing a PhD in Statistics, got in May 2019
  6. 6. I am now very happy with the Maths I am doing
  7. 7. I love ice-cream,
  8. 8. and coffee
  9. 9. I am always busy with something. I just can’t sit still on the couch
  10. 10. I fell in love in NL,
  11. 11. but my boyfriend is not Dutch.
  12. 12. Here is what made me fall in love with NL
  13. 13. Sometimes, the rain is just fine. It makes life cosy, with a blanket, a tea and a book. Or (less romantic, but more often) with a cup of coffee and the laptop
  14. 14. I have done athletics for about 11 years,
  15. 15. and now I am training for a half marathon.
  16. 16. Walking and running remain my technique anti-stress
  17. 17. I volunteer
  18. 18. Often the destination for my holiday is Mondovi, and sometimes Berlin
  19. 19. My best friends are 2 Italians, 1 Dutch, 1 German, 1 Indian and 1 Indonesian,
  20. 20. and that’s why my life would never be complete again in Mondovi
  21. 21. In myfree time, I like to cook, and read, and DIY, and blog
  22. 22. but now I mainly blog
  23. 23. I believe in true love,
  24. 24. in hugs,
  25. 25. and in good food.
  26. 26. My life is 100% Dutch,
  27. 27. but I miss my Italian people.
  28. 28. I do not have plans to go back,
  29. 29. but there is a blank point in my list