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I did not know it in advance, but after finding a flyer at the obstetrician practice, I discovered the whole world of free samples you can get for mama and baby. For how much I like getting free products, I did love this occasion in particular because it was an opportunity to get acquainted with different products and brands. Being first time in this situation, I did not know what I’d need in the future and I was reluctant in buying all the things (have you ever been in a baby store? Then you will definitely understand what I mean with all the things).
These free boxes are actually a good way to start having something material (quite varied as well) without giving away huge amounts of money in things you won’t actually need.

Here you will find the boxes I requested and got. For more details, a specific post will come online in the upcoming weeks – where you will find the content of each box and if the promotional calls eventually also led to purchases or similar.

Zwangerbox – Ouders van Nu

Zwangerbox van Ouders van Nu
Zwangerbox – Ouders van Nu

Ouders van nu is an editorial (both printed and online), website, forum, about all what is involved with becoming pregnant, being pregnant and being a parent. You will find it with a Google search, but also on your favorite social media. This has been the very first box I requested, after finding the flyer at the obstetrician practice.
They offer both the Zwangerbox (for when you are pregnant) and the Babybox (up until some weeks after the birth of your baby). The box is in collaboration with another Dutch partner. At the time when I got it, it was in collaboration with Blokker, and now that I am writing this post it is in collaboration with Albert Heijn.
Inside you can find a magazin Ouders van Nu, various products and promotional material/discounts. If you are curious about the content of the box, the consequences (i.e. phone calls and emails) head to the detailed post about the Zwangerschapsbox of Ouders van Nu.
If you can’t wait and want to get it right now, head to the website of Ouders van Nu and fill in your information to get your box!


Cadeaubox – Babydump

After applying to get the first box with free products, we started receiving promotional material via post and email. Among the others, we started getting the periodic booklet of Babydump, with week(end) deals and promotions. There it was mentioned a free box with products for your baby as well, to be requested online. Also for this, I will write a separate post with further information, but may you want to request your box right away, do not hesitate to click on Babydump link and request your own free box!

De blije doos – Prenatal en Wij

De blije doos – Prenatal en Wij is another platform for all about mamas, babies, (desired) pregnancy, giving birth, family and upbringing. It is also present on multiple social media. In collaboration with Prenatal, it offers De blije doos, another box full of free products, discounts and booklets with information. To request it, you can click on the following link. If you are curious to see what is in there, and to know what to expect after requesting, be patient: I will write a post soon!



Kruidvat has a Baby programma: you just need to update your information on your personal account or make one and add your pregnancy information to get free products. What’s in the picture is the baby tas you get initially (somehow I didn’t get the bag itself in the Kruidvat I visited, but only its content – therefore this picture). After that though, I have received vouchers via email for discounted and free products. If you are curious about what exactly, I can inform you about that as well!

Your personal information and the chain effect

Of course, nothing is really for nothing. In exchange, you give your personal information and due date. These data are then available to the unit offering the free box, and possibly to other parties. There is thus the chance to be contacted via phone or email. To be honest, I do not rate this as negative overall. There are newsletter subscriptions that I value a lot; in some cases it led to purchases of products in stores I found out only via targeted advertisement; I also subscribed to programs that I found advantageous. For example, we started getting promotional material from Van Aasten (a baby store in Tilburg) and Rabobank (illustrating the possibility of opening a bank account for your baby).
I will try to trace back the consequences of each box subscriptions in the corresponding posts, but shortly, if you do not like to give your data, then this is probably not for you.

Otherwise, do not wait further and ask your free products!
And if you are interested in details about each box, be sure to follow the blog via email (you can find the subscription box on the right) or via our Facebook pagina. Also if you know some soon-to-be parents in the Netherlands, do not hesitate to share this post with them.


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