Christmas markets in NL (2019)

That magic time of the year is coming up again…Christmas! *.*
Despite the busy months between planning the marathon, the new quartile at work and the holidays (in one month going to and coming back from Portugal, Japan and Germany), I am totally ready for it!
From my weekend in Berlin and our visit to Düsseldorf last Saturday, I already started feeling 100% Christmassy.

Christmas Market in Düsseldorf
Our old Christmas tree. We need a new one.

To start with, we want to get a new Christmas tree.
The old one can’t really give us the good Christmas spirit.
Furthermore, I want to plan more trips to local Christmas markets – it’s a good excuse to get to see new (and go back to known) places, and cities become even more beautiful all dressed up in red, gold and green.
In Eindhoven unfortunately there is not a proper Christmas market, but previous years you could get some glühwijn in Trudoplein. Five years ago (!!!) I’ve also visited the Christmas market in Dordrecht and I remember it had been really nice, but of course my review is somewhat old. That’s one of the options below, listed among the best 10 Dutch Christmas markets (here)

10 Christmas markets in the Netherlands

  1. Maastricht
  2. Valkenburg
  3. Dordrecht
  4. Den Haag
  5. Heemskerk
  6. Haarlem
  7. Amsterdam
  8. Deventer
  9. Apeldoorn
  10. Velsen

1. Maastricht – Kerstmarkt Magisch Maastricht

Dates 29 November – 31 December (open from 12:00 till 18:00 always, with some longer opening hours on specific days (from 10:00 or until 01:00)).
Have a look here for the right information.
Entry price free (there are packages for the extra’s)
Location Het Vrijthof
Besides the stands, there will be a ice-skating rink, a ferris wheel (45 meters high) and lots of traditional activities (among which the house of Santa).
Also for this one you can see the video of last editions to get an impression. Just click on this link to get directly there.

2. Valkenburg – Kerstmarkt Gemeentegrot

Valkenburg claims to be the city of Christmas of the Netherlands. In fact, it won the title of ‘European City of Christmas 2018’ in the category of municipalities of up to 100000 inhabitants. Besides a Christmas atmosphere everywhere, there is also this particular Christams Market, that is underground since it takes place in the Christmas Market Municipal Cave.
Dates 15 November – 29 December (open from 10:00 till 19:00 from Sunday till Thursday; open until 20:00 on Friday and Saturday; open until 18:00 on December 24th and 26th; closed on December 25th)
Entry price Adults: 7.50 €
Kids 5-11 years old: 5.00 €
Kids <11 years: free
There are also combo tickets, but for that I redirect you to the official website
Location Cauberg 4 6301 BT; Valkenburg a/d Geul
Curiosity: this Christmas Market is nominated as ‘European Best Christmas Market 2020’!

3. Dordrecht

Dates 13-15 December (open from 10:00 till 21:00 on Friday and Saturday; open from 11:00 until 18:00 on Sunday)
Entry price free
Location historical city center
Beside many stands with Christmas taste and food there are musical events.
More information can be found on the official website, and few pictures of mine (5 years old) here below

4. Den Haag – Royal Christmas Fair

Dates 12-23 December (open from 12:00 till 21:00; open until 20:00 on December 23rd)
Entry price free
Location Historic center of Den Haag.
The pictures on the website are really promising!

5. Heemskerk – Heemskerk ziet Sterren

Date 14 December
Entry price free
Location Historic center of Den Haag.
One-day event at its second edition with about 75 stands. I couldn’t find the official website of the this year’s event, but here is where I’ve got the information from

6. Haarlem – Haarlem’s Christmas market

Dates 7 December 2019 (11:00 to 21:00) and 8 December 2019 (11:00 to 19:00)
Entry price free
Location Markt, Haarlem (city centre)
As multiple websites say, one of the largest and most engaging Christmas markets in Benelux (één van de grootste en gezelligste kerstmarkten in Benelux). There will be about 300 stands, Christmas music and choirs at and around the Market.
Official website here.

7. Amsterdam – Het Amsterdamse Winterparadijs

Dates 21 December – 5 January
Entry price there are multiple ticket options available
– free (for kids up to 1 year and from 21:00 for 18+)
– 5 € (Basis ticket: 1 day after-sky, silent disco, exhibitions on stage but not activities)
– 14.50 € (Regular ticket: 1 day after-sky, silent disco, exhibitions on stage, karaoke, and lots of activities, e.g. ice skating, inflatable rings, snowplay area, theater, cinema, games, Olaf & Elsa)
– 34.50 € (Regular Passe Partout: all days after-sky, silent disco, exhibitions on stage, karaoke, and lots of activities, e.g. ice skating, inflatable rings, snowplay area, theater, cinema, games, Olaf & Elsa)
Location Amsterdam RAI, Amsterdam
There is so much on their website, that it wouldn’t be possible to make everything fit in these few lines. For more information and tickets, here the official website.

8. Deventer – Lebuinus Kerstmarkt

Dates 12 – 15 December (different opening times between 10:00 and 21:00. Check the website for the actual information)
Entry price
Adults 3 €
Children (not older than 12 years old) free
Location Deventer, city center
This Christmas Market is already at its 33rd edition!

9. Apeldoorn – Kerstmarkt Vaassen

Date 13 – 15 December (Fri: 13:00-22:00, Sat: 11:00-22:00, Sun: 11:00-17:00)
Entry price
Adult 2€
Adult + entry to the castle 5€
Children (up to 12 years old) free
Location Kasteel Cannenburch
Here the official website where you can also see an after movie of last years’ editions. I think that this could be a good excuse to have a look at the castle too!

10. Velsen – Castle Christmas Fair

Dates 28 November – 1 December (open from 11:00 till 22:00 Thursday to Saturday; open until 18:00 on Sunday)
Entry price
Adult 11.50 €
Gluhwein ticket 14.50 €
Children (7-14 years old) 5.00 €
Parking place 6.50 €
Location Buitenplaats Beeckestijn
The program includes music, exhibitions, Check here the aftermovie of 2017’s edition to get an idea of it!

PS. part of the info provided in this post is a rielaboration of the information provided by this website (in Dutch)…all about Christmas markets if you’d like to have a look!

NB. prices updated at 19/10/2019

Let me know if you visit any of them and the one you’d suggest!

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