NEE/JA and NEE/NEE stickers on the door

Walking through the streets, it’s common to see stickers attached to the doors, close to the mailboxes or to the doorbells.
What is their scope and how many versions exist? How can you get them?
Maybe you are receiving a lot of advertising folders and you are wondering how you could avoid that. The answer is in those stickers.
I will shortly summarize here all the information for you!

NEE/JA and NEE/NEE stickers

This NEE/JA sticker allows the delivery of free door-to-door newspapers but not advertising folders, while the NEE/NEE sticker prevents you from receiving any kind of post that is not specifically directed to you (thus not newspapers, nor advertising folders).

Why do I not receive the free door-to-door newspapers?

On Instagram I periodically share information about Eindhoven that I find in the local newspaper Groot Eindhoven, and I often get asked how do I get it delivered at home.
It turns out that most of the people who are asking have a NEE/NEE sticker on their mailbox.
The first thing is to get* a JA/NEE sticker and replace it. If you still do not receive Groot Eindhoven but you’d like to, you can fill in an online form – search for klachtenformulier at this link – or call 0880561595 (24/7, for which normal provider costs apply).
Or, you can still choose to read Groot Eindhoven online!

No sticker

Having no sticker allows the delivery of any sort of mail, both free newspapers and advertising folders.
When we first entered our new home, we found a sticker on the doorbell, and thought it would prevent us from receiving a lot of commercials. Actually, this has not proven to be true, and we would get weekly an envelope with all folders from different shops and supermarkets.

It turns out that the sticker that was already on the doorbell was for visitors (that’s a separate story, and you can find information here – in Dutch).
After adding a second sticker on the mailbox, the problem was solved.

* How can I get my sticker?

You do not need to request a sticker, rather, you can just walk to the appropriate counter at the town hall and get it for free. It is also possible to get them the cash desk at the Ir. Ottenbad or de Tongelreep swimming pools. All locations are roughly marked in the map below.
You can also request it online at this address, but it will have a small cost (3.10 euro).

Locations where you can get your sticker in Eindhoven

How to avoid receiving advertising folders

First thing to check is if you have a sticker on your mailbox. Both the JA/NEE and the NEE/NEE should prevent you from receiving advertising folders. In case you have one, maybe it’s good to check if it’s visible enough.
After performing all these checks and still getting advertising folders, you can submit a complaint to the distributor. In case also this does not solve the problem, you can submit a complaint to the Advertising Watchdog. You can find more information here.
Finally, if you care about the environment, but you’d still like to get informed about promotions, you can consult this website online, or download the corresponding app.

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Last updated 30-09-2020 (disclaimer).

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