Moving: list of services to change address (with free checklist)

Are you moving shortly, within or outside the Netherlands? Then you have all things to arrange. One of them is taking care of changing the address. Here you can find an initial list of services you should contact to get your address changed or removed.

List of services you should contact to change address/unsubscribe


  1. First of all be sure to contact your landlord or the agency managing the rent of your house (in case you are renting) to notify the termination of your contract. Most of the apartments require at least one full calendar month.
  2. Services: water, gas, electricity, internet
    In case you move within the same municipality, it’s very likely you will be able to change your address and link your services to your new home.
    But to be sure, it’s definitely better to contact the providers directly to understand how that works.


  1. Doctor (not strictly necessary if you are moving within the same municipality, but it may be convenient to have a doctor closer to you).
    At this link you can find doctors based on postal address, and after checking their availability possibly subscribe there.
  2. Pharmacy (in case you are subscribed somewhere). You can be subscribed to one pharmacy at a time only, and the pharmacy you are currently registered to needs to communicate with your new pharmacy in order to get things arranged

Other essentials

  1. Municipality. You need to give the new address at this link (you’ll need to access with your DigID) – from 4 weeks before the move and no later than 5 days after the move
  2. Bank. This is important for official communications, and for checks.
  3. Insurance. Be sure to inform the insurance provider as well, that’s important for official communications, but also if for example you have an inboedelverzekering (~content insurance: the insurance for all what you have at your residence) or, in case of property houses, the opstalverzekering.
  4. Work. Beside being important to have this information updated in the systems, the change of address may also have an influence on the variable costs of your salary (e.g. commuting costs).
  5. Consulate, embassy or other specific associations of your home country. (Strictly for foreigners)
    For example, for us as Italian, there exists an association of Italians living abroad (AIRE) that officially needs to be notified of changes of residence.
    This way you will also receive the documents at the proper address (e.g. voting cards).

Other services

Did you also have an OVchipkaart, a gym or magazine subscription? Then you may want to change the address for them as well.
It’s difficult to make a clear list of all services where your address is registered, but one idea might be to scroll your emails, and in the months before moving to pay attention to all the post coming to the mailbox and sequentially change the address in those accounts (or extend this list with them).

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    Forward your post to a temporary address

    Are you unsure about having changed the address/unsubscribed to all services, and you’d like to have that under control for a couple of months after moving still? Then you can provide a temporary alternative address where your post is sent to. I am planning to write a post about this, but for now you can find more details at this link (in Dutch).

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    Last updated 25-09-2020 (disclaimer).
    Featured photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash.

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