Can I host a party? Until what time? + free template for the neighbors

Am I allowed to host a party at home, until what time and under which conditions? How does it work with permissions? Now the corona restrictions are lifted, we may relax ourselves again and invest in our social life! Without being party animals, it can happen that we have some friends over for a birthday, an housewarming or a different occasion. It is good to know what you are allowed to do, and also to be polite and inform your neighbors on that. This post is to inform you on the conditions, and provides you a free template to let your neighbors know you are hosting a party (in Dutch, to surprise them!)

What are the official rules for parties in NL?

During the weekend, in Eindhoven, you are officially allowed to
– 70 decibel music / from 19:00 until 24:00
– 45 decibel music / from 24:00 until 7:00 (in the morning)
In case you live in the city center, the time to make things softer is one hour later (at 1:00 you’ll have to reduce to 45 decibel).

In case you are organizing an event (that goes beyond that birthday party) in your private spaces, you won’t need to ask for a permission, but you can register it at the municipality. To be able to host it, the event will have to satisfy some conditions

  • max 250 participants
  • it takes place on the same day with a max of 12 times per year (and not on the Remembrance Day)
  • the event takes place outside, or in a building for which a permit has been issued
  • the event will be hosted within the allowed hours
    if on Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu: 10am – 11pm
    (in Eindhoven center: 10am – 10pm)
    if on Friday or Saturday: 10am – 12am
    (in Eindhoven center: 10am – 10pm)
    if on Sunday: 1pm – 11pm
    (in Eindhoven center: 1pm – 10pm)
  • no open fires or fireworks
  • no strong alcoholic drinks
  • light alcoholic drinks can be served prior exemption
  • one (or more) person (>21) is appointed as responsible for supervising safety in general and the use of light alcoholic drinks
  • food is managed in a hygienic and sound manner;
  • during your event you will not cause any noise nuisance for local residents or the environment
  • (for the full list, head to Eindhoven’s website)

Should I inform my neighbors about the party?

In all cases I think it’s always nice to notify the neighbors about what is going to happen. They might be annoyed by the louder evening anyhow, but I think it’s matter of correctness and being friendly with them. Also, by providing them your own phone number you can make sure they are going to contact you with their request before calling the police.
And I believe that in general, if it does not happen every weekend, people will be comprehensive and not complain about that! Thus hereafter an example and a free template for you to inform your neighbors, directly in Dutch! Just adapt it according to your own needs and put it in the mailbox of your closest neighbors. (Of course! In case you don’t dare to send it in Dutch yet, you can use the English version below!)

Free example/template for message to neighbors


Beste buren,
komende zaterdag hebben wij een huisfeest dus het kan zijn dat er wat geluidsoverlast is.
We hopen dat jullie hier niet te veel last van zullen hebben.
Heeft u dat wel, bel naar 06XXXXXXXX zodat er rekening gehouden kan worden.

Groetjes Marta en Cristian
Huisnummer 9


Dear neighbors,

next Saturday we’re going to host a party at home and we could be a bit louder than normal then. We hope that you won’t be affected by that.
In case you are, call us at the 06XXXXXXXX so that we can take that into account

Doeii Marta and Cristian
House nr 9

Part of the information is derived from this website.
Featured image by Kelsey Chance on Unsplash

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