First aid to buy medicines

Eventually I also fell to flu and after a weekend full of paracetamol, I’ve decided to write a short list of the common medicines…a short guide for who has just come to the Netherlands and has sore throats.
In fact, I am going to write about the standard medicines that we normally have at home, for small complaints such as flu, fever, sore throats, small wounds and diarrhea.
In the Netherlands it is possible to buy medicines at the pharmacy, supermarket and drugstore (like Kruidvat or Etos)…and I do not know what is best. In my opinion, medicines from different shops may have the same active substances and the costs are not necessarily higher at the pharmacy, as I initially thought.

What’s in the picture, from left to right:

 NameTranslationActive substanceComments
Nurofen –IbuprofenFor pain and fever(normally I use ibuprofen for headache)
ProbactiolProbioticsLiving bacteria, BlackBerry extract and vitamin DIn combination with strong antibiotics or in case of diarrhea. It contributes to restore the normal intestinal and immunity functioning
ParacetamolParacetamolSuppositories, pills or powder. For fever and pain (this is my favorite in case of fever, with little side effect)
Oral Rehydratation Salt (ORS) –Sodium citrate, sodium chloride, potassium chlorideTo be taken together with a medicine for diarrhea to avoid dehydration
DiarreeDiarrheaLoperamide HydrochlorideFor diarrhea. It reduces the excessive activity of the intestine
Aspirine CAspirin CAcetylsalicylic acid (possibly with vitamin C)As described, it is for fever and pain from flu and cold. (I take it mostly in case of cold, but never in combination with menstruation)
PleistersPlasters – –
OntsmettingsmiddelAntisepticAlcoholTo disinfect small wounds
(Strepsils)Throat lozengeAmylmetacresol en 2,4-dichloorbenzylalcoholTablets for sore throat. Strepsils are not in the picture, as I finished them. Thus I had to find an alternative and used Antaflu keelpastilles
Antaflu keelpastilles
Dropmint menthol
Honey lemon menthol
Throat lozengeTablets for sore throat. I personally even prefer them compared to the Strepsils, and are much cheaper. But mind that these are not medicated tablet

NB My background is not medical and I am not going to replace a doctor…have a chat with your pharmacist or doctor for counsel 

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