Review. Luvion Easy Babyphone

A babyphone is a must when having a baby or young child (especially if living in a traditional Dutch house). Sleeping habits of children are best in a proper environment, you can get away for a little while and you can avoid running back to the room to check what’s the situation (let alone running up and down the stairs). But how do you choose it? What are the requirements you want and what the ones you do not really need? We did buy our Luvion Easy Babyphone last November (about 8 months ago), and we are now reviewing it.

Luvion Easy Babyphon remote control

Luvion Easy Babyphone is a baby phone with camera. It comes with two components – the camera and the remote control – and the corresponding charging cables.

Camera and audio

The camera is working well, image is rather neat (both during the day and at night) and you can adjust the lighting (5 levels).
The audio is also clear, with minimal white noise on the background, but you need to make sure to have no other source of disruption close to the camera. The volume has 7 levels, from 0 (no noise at all) to 6 (which I feel is even louder than reality). There is a delay in the audio signal with respect to reality.

Vox option

To reduce battery consumption, you can use the Vox option. Under these settings, the remote control will be on battery saving – with screen and sound turned off – and it will automatically turn on when there is some noise detected by the camera.
No worries. Even when in the Vox option, by pressing any buttons on the remote control, you will be able to access the image and audio of the camera at any moment.
To note: when in Vox option, you will miss the first sound. Sometimes the remote control switches on in an apparently still situation, but that’s because of the delay of reporting and in the Vox option always missing the first action.

Battery duration

The camera needs to be connected to its alimentation to work.
The remote control has a battery and a charging cable. In my personal opinion the battery does not last very long…we haven’t run a proper test to check that, but after a couple of evenings it needed to be recharged.
To give a reference, we set it on Vox by default, but I am quite fan of checking in manually thus this may explain the not-so-long life of each battery cycle.

Talk back

There is a button on the remote control for talking back to your child (sound will come from the camera).
To be honest, I find it a bit scary for my son to have a voice coming out of the camera, and we are not using that for the meant purpose. What we do is sometimes communicating among us when one is with Pietro and the other one is downstairs. It does its job but it has a noticeable delay.


Personally, I am really a fan of having the temperature displayed on the remote control. This way it’s easy to control the room temperature without needing an additional device.

Luvion Easy Babyphone
Remote control of our Luvion Easy Babyphone


I didn’t take care of the installation, but it was a smooth and simple process.


We did pay it 59.50 euro on – not that huge investment thus, especially for what you get (and how much you’ll use it!). At the moment of writing, the price is still the same. You can go directly to the product via this link.


  • This Luvion does not come with an app for mobile phones. You’ll thus need to have the remote control to see the image and hear the audio of the camera. It saves you some money (the version with remote control and app costs more), but it may be limiting in some aspects
    • only one remote control: you can’t check the situation with multiple people
    • limited coverage: don’t get me wrong, the coverage will be sufficient in the whole house and in its surroundings like in the garden, but you won’t be able to get further away and still be able to check in your house (this may not directly apply to children, but maybe to pets or similar).
  • no zoom in the camera, or controller. If you did place the camera a bit off from your target, or if your child is moving, you’ll need to go back and adjust it. No way to move it via the remote control.
    What we do nowadays is to check the visible image in the remote control right while placing the camera (making sure volume is at its lowest, otherwise you’ll cause redundancies).
  • When in the Vox option it does not detect movement. If the child is moving without making any noise, this won’t be detected by the camera in Vox mode.

In a wrap: what’s our opinion about it?

To conclude, I am satisfied with this product. The thing I’m missing the most, is the possibility to control and reposition/zoom the camera from the remote control, but for the rest I must say that it is doing what promised, and with reasonable quality.
Especially if you do not want to make a huge investment, this could be a good option.

Do you also have a babyphone? Or even a Luvion? Let me know your experience with it!


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