How to memorize irregular verbs (with free game to download). Part I

Irregular verbs are really a difficult step in the process of learning Dutch. Memorizing them requires patience, effort and perseverance.
Luckily I started studying Dutch when I was a student, living alone, and I could fill my free time with parties and studying Dutch (such an explosive mix!). Therefore I got all the basics set, and managed to get to a B2 level.
However, I notice that with time they tend to fade, especially the ones that are less used, and as a result I always resort to the verbs I am confident on (I hate making mistakes…).
Add to this the commitment of Cristian to learn Dutch as well (currently following a course)…and voila’ explained my idea of creating a free tool to facilitate the memorization of irregular verbs.

It’s free to download, you just need to enter your information and you will receive it directly in your inbox.

Preparing the game is very simple, you’ll just need

  • The free file (to be downloaded below)
  • A printer
  • Scissors
  • A box

To download the file just fill in your email address and name. You will directly receive the file in your mailbox.

    I hope you like it and you will crash irregular verbs with this! If it helps you in learning, then please consider sharing this blog post to let other people find it as well (and support me in writing!). I would appreciate it.


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