Review. Basil Bicycle Shopper Bag

Already more than two years ago I received a Basil bicycle bag as a birthday present, and I was enthusiastic about the quality and design of the product. After testing it for some time, I wrote a review. You can read it here. Only recently I found out also another bicycle shopper bag – that I bought the first year I was in the Netherlands – is from the same brand. Thus time to review it as well!

You read it well, the bag I am writing the review for was bought in 2013, when I first moved to the Netherlands.
In fact, after moving to the Netherlands you quickly realize you can’t live without a bike, and soon afterwards you also want a bicycle bag. For me, the bike was the only mean of transport and to carry my groceries I found these bicycle bags very convenient (it’s not in my Italian DNA to have that outstanding balance to carry whatever on two wheels).

Now, years later I can say the bag is durable. It went through all kinds of weather conditions and loads, different bikes and bike drivers.
Not only it is still solid and intact, also the color has not been affected and the zips still work. With time and usage, the bottom is little more flex but not breached.

The bag is compact, it comes with a very simple design and takes approximately the same space that it offers. That is, in capacity it is not much less than the other I have, but in volume it is definitely different.

It comes with a simple double bag handle that is for hand carrying (I sometimes force it to the shoulder, but I believe it was not designed for it, and indeed for shoulder bags you should look into something different, like the other one I do have, or something like this one), and the hook for the bike. It is an older technology compared to the other bag I have, but it does its job.

On the inside, it is very simple. It has water-proof cover and a tiny pocket (for a phone, cards or money, not much more). Also from the outside it is made of water-proof material.

Thinking about getting a similar one?

I believe it will be really difficult to find the exact same bag, but I have found similar ones on (not sponsored!). The first one is even in (huge) discount at the moment!

But if you ask me, I would now buy the one below *.* backpack, not too big, sustainable and in my opinion really nice

Saving tip! In Eindhoven there was always a stand with all sorts of bike accessories at the Saturday market. That’s where I got my bag at that time…at a very competitive price! May this be the case also in your own city, I suggest thus to have a look there first.

Might you have questions or comments, do not hesitate to reach out to me. Also if you like reading this sort of information, share it! Sharing is caring and that’s a way to support me to keep writing!


Last updated 30.01.2021. Disclaimer.
This post is not sponsored.

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