Collecting points and getting discounts with Campina. Eurosparen

Campina is a famous diary brand in the Netherlands, and if you live here, you have certainly come across their products in the supermarkets.
But did you know you can collect Campina points digitally and then use that budget to buy products with discount in their online shop (featuring many brands)?

Here you will find how does it work and what I think about it! (not sponsored)

What is the Eurosparen program

The Eurosparen program is simply an online point collection that gifts you with some bonus for each Campina product you buy, and then offers you discounts on famous brands.

In the picture it is shown a milk pack, because that’s what triggered me to write this post, but it applies to all their products, ranging from milk to yoghurt, to vla and butter, cream and quark.

How does it work

Collecting points is very simple

  1. Make an account on
  2. Login to your account (via browser or app)
  3. Fill in the codes written on the Campina products you bought
  4. Get discounts on products in the spaarshop (you can also have a look at what they offer if you do not have an account yet!)

After logging into my account, I can see I have a budget of 209.50 euro, and I can fill in the code for another product (in vul je code in).
After pressing enter, you directly see your updated saldo.

You can then take a tour in their online shop to see what they offer and directly place an order or wait for your budget to increase before doing so.
You can also filter per category (like games (spellen), trips and activities (er-op-uit), house and kitchen (wonen en koken), relax and care (ontspanning en verzorging)), per brand, per price range and on the basis of the offered discount.

My personal experience with Eurosparen

As I am really into saving and getting the best out of every deal I can, I made an account quite soon after moving to the Netherlands.
The instructions on the packages were quite simple to understand also for someone who was not fluent in Dutch, and the process on the website was so straightforward that it was easy every time to log in and update the saldo by entering a new product code.
I’m not a brand fan, and I like to vary often products and brands, but whenever it is a Campina, I log in and spare.

I also made use of some discounts already, placing orders on the webshop. Also in this case the process was straightforward and the products did match my expectations.
For example, in 2017 I bought a wallet and a temporary subscription to a Dutch football magazine (not for me, clearly).

My shopping in the Euroshop of Campina

A thing I have checked already back then before placing the order, was if the price was competitive with respect to other websites. In fact, the full price displayed was indeed what I could find elsewhere online, and the discount was simply taken from my Eurosparen budget.
Also, the money Eurosparen euros are worth their real value, while you get more from Campina than what you spend for each product.

To conclude, I am happy with the ease of the process, the offer and the quality of the products I got…thus a yes for me!

And now I am curious, did you know about this opportunity, and did you ever make use of it? Let me know in the comments!

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