How to donate your hair?

For long I have been desiring to donate my hair to patients, but I have never managed to reach the required length for it. My sister instead, has recently given a serious cut and managed to make the famous braid.
And decided to donate. Together we have searched for a no-profit association, and found Haarwensen.
Since we both are enthusiastic about the purpose and the professionalism of the association, we want to give them a shout out.

What is Haarwensen

Wigs are expensive (about 1500 euro!) and such costs are only partially reimbursed by the healthcare insurances. Haarwensen is a Dutch association that creates free wigs for young patients that have lost their hair as a consequence of treatment or medical condition. They are active for already more than a decade, producing wigs that are freely offered to patients. The first wig was given in April 2008, upon initiative of Yvonne de Boer. If you can read Dutch, head to the website to read the complete story. It’s worth it!
They accept donation of hair (used to create wigs), and financial donation (to support the process), and they allow you to request a wig yourself.
Their website is thus, in my opinion, a beautiful exchange platform, where you can also read stories of people that were made happy by this initiative.

How can you donate your hair

Your hair will cover already half the price of a wig. Thus if you are willing to contribute, read further!

Doneren is meer dan alleen je haar geven.

Stichting Haarwensen


  • minimal length: 30 cm
    if your hair is in layers, you can still donate as long as the shortest hair is at least 20 cm. Shorter hair can not be used.
  • all natural colors are welcome (except gray hair)
  • dyed, treated and bleached hair cannot be donated
  • send your hair clean and dry
  • send your hair in a braid

Suggestions on how to cut and prepare your hair

  • make one or more ponytails
  • measure the length of the ponytail(s): must be at least 30 cm
  • make a (or more) braid(s) out of the ponytail(s)
  • cut the braid(s) 2 to 3 cm above the upper elastic

In case of doubts, the suggestion is to read the FAQs (in Dutch), or to contact them directly.

Sending your hair

Secure your hair in a robust envelope or box, and make sure it’s well sealed. Then send it to the following address:

Stichting Haarwensen
Postbus 244
3640 AE Mijdrecht

Include a note with the name, age and (email)address of the donor…they will send you a proof of receipt! You can also enclose this premade format.
(We did not include this information in the box, thus we asked via email if the hair was arrived, and we promptly received a reaction with a positive answer!)
If you wish, you are welcome to include also pictures, personal messages and drawings.

Donating at a hairdresser

If you do not dare to do the cut yourself, you can have it cut at an hairdresser. That can be done anywhere, but you may consider one of the affiliated hairdressers: they will do it with a discount or even for free, they will collect and send the hair of multiple donors.
You can find a list of affiliated hairdressers here.

(Please note that discounts and free cuts may be suspended now due to corona)

Watch this video!

If this did not convince you yet, have a look at this video (in Dutch again), because I found it heartbreaking *.*

At the door of this month of festivities (although somewhat different from previous years), I think it is even more important to think how to make a thoughtful gift – and I believe this definitely is. Also if your hair does not reach the required length yet, you can think of doing that later this year, or contribute with a monetary donation.
Personally, I have first heard about the opportunity of donating my hair for a good cause on Instagram (L’isola di Pic Pic in Italy e Dalia
in NL, the one who actually got me inspired to donate to Haarwensen). I am fascinated by the positive power social media can have. Thus I am here doing my best to spread the idea further…please share to help me reaching even more people!


Last updated 29.11.2020. Pictures and hair by Lucia <3

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