2019 Best nine

A day like any other, but at the same time a day that signs a change, an occasion to look back at what happened in the previous 365 days, and a zero-point from which new year’s resolutions kick in.
If it’s a ’round’ year, that meaning feels even stronger.

Pushed by the “Best 9s” on Instagram, I’ve decided to have a very concise summary of 2019 in terms of personal life and blog.
Curious about it? Just scroll a bit further.

Instagram’s Best nine

Dutchgram’s Best nine

Dutchgram’s biggest highlight was its launch after months of preparation and design, weighting and thinking, to upgrade my old Dutching. I am still very happy with it, and I am looking forward to work on it for a whole new year.
But talking about the best nine, I’ve filtered the 9 most read blog posts of 2019 (published at any time). If you missed some, you can simply click on the link below.

What has been your personal favorite on Dutchgram?

  1. NS season tickets (NS abonnementen)
  2. Studying Dutch in Eindhoven
  3. 2020 – Public and school holidays in the Netherlands (with free calendar)
  4. Discounts for train tickets (NS)
  5. Comparison of mobile sim-only contracts (with free comparison table)
  6. My 6th Dutch birthday – 6 points of gratefulness
  7. About
  8. 5 tips to save money at AH
  9. Which supermarket is the cheapest? (2018)

While Instagram’s favorites seem to point at me, the most read articles on Dutchgram are definitely about tips for a Dutch life (of course!).
That has been my all-time motivation to start and write a blog, and therefore I am planning to write more and more about this in 2020. May you have a specific request or a topic you’d be interested in (e.g. taxes, housing, healthcare) preferences or suggestions, feel free to reach out to me leaving a comment below, contacting me via email or contact form, or via social media (Facebook or Instagram).
I’ll be more than happy to incorporate your requests and suggestions in 2020’s planning. Looking forward to start (or actually, to continue)!

Marta’s Best nine

Also on the personal life a lot has happened, and reflecting on it is a very good exercise! Especially when trying to code it in just 9 points…

  1. <3
  2. Home
  3. PhD defense
  4. Half marathon
  5. Japan holiday
  6. Teaching a course and learning to teach
  7. Home, but this time to change something in it
  8. Managed to have family weekends in Spain, Portugal and hometown
  9. The rest of the 365 days that did not have a special event, but were filled with a job I like, lovely, interesting and caring people, new experiences, happy moments and tears, love, discussions and long long chats.

Thank you 2019!

For this year, I’d like to live more in the here and now, start journaling again if that has the expected impact, and make room for those people that make me feel easy. Understanding where I want to head towards in my future would also be nice, but for the moment I’m enjoying the journey thus I do not want to put too much stress on it.

Thank you all for following along the journey,
enjoy the celebrations of the beginning, and the rest of the year!

*Featured photo by Danil Aksenov on Unsplash

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